Why Would You Use An Estate Agent Buying A Property In Spain – Part 2

Previous article we looked at UK estate agents and what they do. This post we will look at their Spanish counter parts.

Precisely what is different about Spanish Agents. estate agency in Javea

Generally they speak Spanish. My personal answer is generally but a lot of them didn’t when I first arrived – but most these days have a rudimentary understanding which most potential buyers don’t..

Second of all most people buying a house vacation don’t know where they want to live, they may give generic info like – Costa Blanca but CB-FUNK is a very big place. The catchment area here is a whole lot bigger as compared to the UK. For example we cover an area from Moraira to Valencia, – two hours drive from learn to finish. And within that area are probably 95 times numerous agents. Javea alone has 300 brokers. 

The process of buying in Spain is more complex than the UK. So agents must be better informed than their UK counterparts (that’s not stating they are). Typically after helping the client choose a place – which consists of driving throughout the area aiming out important hospitals, universities etc, the agent will arrange to obtain their NIE number – and open a bank medical data for the client. Will be certainly about a day removed already.

In the UK most agents operate specifically, meaning they have a certain time period to promote the property. In The country of spain most sellers go to 4 or 5 real estate agents at least. Do you think this boosts your chances of selling a house? Possibly through more exposure? However do you really think the agent is going to press the sevyloyr fish finder 360 out when this individual has an every sixth chance or less of selling your property?

What about locating the clients? Clientele don’t just drive to an area and find out a for sale sign. They are really in contact with an agent well before offered out here. Some times they need to be picked up from the airport a round trip of 220 kms. Generally they need accommodation setting, airport transfers or car rental booking. Most do this themselves but not all.

When an agent in Spain sells a property they (should) do basic checks – is the seller of the home the actual owner, is the house what it states, and so forth All things which an UK agent will not have to do. In which agents fall over here is allowing the customer to choose the value of their property. Everyone believes their property is worthy of more than it is. A good agent will give you a good and realistic valuation of your property and make clear to you the chances of selling it in the current market.

Brokers often collaborate with other agents both locally and with agents in the UK – a thing that the UK market frowns after let exclusively endorses. Also standard in Spain is to use correodors – intermediaries, usually Spanish, who find the properties from locals that are for sale.

After the sale is agreed the effort starts. Agents organise the private contract and set up a mortgage. The the greater part of buyers might not have pre arranged finance and it isn’t as straightforward here as it is in the UK.

The agreements are translated into Uk and you have to have all documentation authorized in Spanish, the two private contract so if you do not speak Spanish you will desire a translator and most brokers provide this service. With the notary someone has to also translate -organised usually by the agent. And then you will find the matter of transferring all the charges into your name – imagine an UK centered agent doing that for you mmm mmmm.

Soon after – well many real estate agents tend to try and forget you once the ink dries and the commission is in the bank. However, not all do. They will also aid in such things as signing up kids in schools, assisting you register with local hospitals, obtaining residencia, and other such matters.

In britain if you wish to buy a vehicle – you find the yp go out and visit a few used car showrooms, buy a vehicle and that’s that. Not really so simple here in Spain. It is different and the agent usually helps out here. Desire a builder to do some remedial work – yep you still have it Mister Agent can there be for you. What about the best for electrical goods – pop in and see friendly mr agent. Will need to work and enroll for social security – you know where to go.

A decent agent will be with you for some time and will probably be your friend forever. I know we are not alone because idea – there are others out there with the same ideals.. To be able you can see, to compare what an UK agent does with what a Spanish based agent does indeed, is not really lower and dried as it seems.

OK so we have painted an image of nirvana, the ideal agent, but are all providers similar to this? – Sadly no.

Although most are hard working, honest people who have your interests in mind, many set up because it appears to be the least difficult way to make money. After all you merely need to open an office, get a phone and a pc, put properties in the window and you aren’t off. If only everything in life is that simple.