What Is A Prepper?

A prepper is someone who is actively preparing for a possible disturbance of social, financial, political or ecological nature.

A prepper actively pursues to be as independent as it can be from the government and electric power companies and has a huge supply of food, tools, weapons, fuel, medical products, and even a put of silver and precious metal to replace a potential default of the money. (Financial collapse) taschenmesser kaufen

The very first prepper was Noah (from the famous Good old Testament story) Noah built an Ark and gathered all types of materials like normal water, food and of course the animals. People again then thought he was crazy and came every day to mock him. Before the floods came up.

The same fate is bestowed after our modern preppers… people on the whole think you are crazy when you start prepping. That they simply believe our culture is stable and problems just don’t happen to them… I personally think you are crazy while you are NOT preparing!

More and more people however start getting used to the thought of prepping, especially Americans have become used to bad information like economical crisis, two times dip, tornado’s, hurricanes olive oil spillage, mass layoffs, rising unemployment, empty housing obstructions, tent city’s etc. and so forth. Hence the common conception of prepping is not so strange ever again as it used to be.

Additional and more civilians are deterred by the federal government and they don’t have the same faith and trust any more that the govt will care for them. Are convinced of the slow response and basically the unwillingness to act during storm Katrina.

In principal the government should be worried of its people, but however it is the other way around.

Persons are simply not inclined to take this any more and start planning and providing for themselves.