The Universal LightWalker Laser System: Differences Between the Nd:YAG and the Er:YAG Lasers

The LightWalker laser system is employed in dental treatments which require the Er: YAG laser and the Nd: YAG laser; the energy wavelengths are changed in line with the specific laser needed. Applied in practically all dental care laser treatments, the LightWalker Universal System is a key component of laserlight assisted dentistry. boss laser

Pieces of the Laser System

Flashtubes or laser diodes are being used to operate a Nd: YAG laser. A flashtube is also known as a flashlamp which is designed to emit light for brief amounts of time at high levels of strength. Costly electric arc light which name simply details the size of the electric discharge that the lamp emits. In the two types of laser growing options normally used, light or electric current, the Nd: Yag Laser uses light and is therefore “optically pumped. ” 

Pertaining to a given laser, the energy for the pump is normally taken from one of the recently mentioned sources, however indivisible and chemical reactions have been used as forces as well. The strength pulses emitted can be combined with other photons to effectively double the frequency of the spewed light. And, that process, is appropriately called “frequency doubling. ”

Er: YAG lasers typically emit infrared light, which equates to a wavelength of 2940 nm. These use a solid gain medium which makes them solid express lasers.

The Most Powerfulk Difference Between the Two Lasers

Besides the distinctions in wavelength, additionally there is a key big difference arising from how these wavelengths influence the real dental treatment itself; the energetic output of the Er: YAG is highly absorbed by water. Dental care hygiene involve cleanings, transport plus more functions which require the laser to come in contact with man tissues and organs systems that are filled with water. As you can imagine this would limit the Er: YAG in dental technologies. This end result is often pointed to as the reason for the difference in laser beam use; Er: YAG variations are less often used than other instruments including the Nd: Yag and the Er: glass. The Emergeny room: YAG does have important applications in oral surgery and different areas of dentistry.

Wavelength, of course, plays an important role; adjustment of the wavelength used in these aspects of the Universal LightWalker Program increases these lasers’ potential to be used effectively in numerous dental treatments. The Er: YAG and the Nd: Yag components of the LightWalker laser system allow for diversity and overall flexibility in the field of laser dentistry, in part, because of their most evident differences.