The Cause Of Hair Loss In Women

Locks is often considered one of the most valuable physical assets of a woman, as it brands female beauty, and describes her sense of private grooming. Every woman should go to great lengths to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. shampoo tegen haaruitval

That is why hairloss can often be depressing and demoralizing for most women. It is thought, stress is the cause of female curly hair thinning treatment, and women are stressed further because of their falling locks, which can bring about a vicious cycle of curly hair fall.

Generally, at any one of point of time, around ten percent of hair on the scalp stays in a resting position, which comes after two or 3 months. New hair then starts growing in the place.

This cycle proceeds for about two to six years. ‘Alopecia’, the medical term for frizzy hair loss, is a propensity that is usually common in men, but remarkably about two-thirds of girls undergo from premature hair land. There may be several reasons for the cause of male hair thinning treatment.

Types Of Hair Loss:

You will discover four main types of hair loss that lead to thinning of curly hair in women. They can be as follows:

Androgenetic Alopecia: It can be one of the most frequent types of hair loss in women, which often shows up prominently on the your forehead, top and back of your head. Women do not lose all their locks, but it starts thinning hair slowly. Hairloss in this category commences on the crown of your head and then moves forward. Generally, the androgenetic hormone influences women with androgenetic calvicie.

Alopecia Areata: It is just a disease of the immune system, that causes a severe scrappy kind of hair reduction. Generally, people suffering from this type of hair thinning may have small balding spots, or lose each of the hair on their head. Though it can strike at any age, it usually commences at the begining of childhood. When the immune system of the body attacks the curly hair growing cells, it brings about this cause of curly hair loss in women. This can affect adults and children of both people, but can usually be treated using immunotherapy drugs.

Telogen Effluvium: It is a sudden kind of hair loss, which is impermanent in nature. It is sometimes caused by emotional stress, for example the loss of life of a relative, or physical stress caused by chronic illness or surgery. Women generally notice the hair thinning on their hairbrush or the shower floor. It is caused because the hair roots become inactive, and consequently frizzy hair from these roots begins falling. Over time of a month or two, new hair commences growing when the inactive locks roots become active again.

Traumatic Alopecia: This kind of locks loss problem occurs because of many hair attention practices, such as braiding the hair very securely, or regular twisting and tugging of the brain of hair.


A number of factors can contribute to the cause of hair loss in women. They can be:

Hormonal problems: Hormonal problems often lead to female hair thinning hair treatment. If hormones such as androgens and estrogens are certainly not in proper balance, or maybe the thyroid gland is overactive or under energetic, it might lead to increased baldness. However, the a static correction of the hormonal imbalances can help in preventing the hair loss.

Pregnant state: Pregnancy is one of the most frequent causes of feminine hair thinning treatment. Generally, they start noticing the hair loss after 3 to 4 months of delivery. This kind of type of hair damage is also related to hormones, as during pregnant state certain hormones stop the dropping out of hair. Nevertheless , the normal cycle of hair regrowth resumes after four to six months of delivery.

Medication: Medication can also lead to locks loss in women. A lot of of the drugs that generally lead to baldness could include blood thinners, medicine used for gout pain, chemotherapy to treat malignancy, birth control pills, medication, and vitamin A if taken in an out of control quantity. However, the curly hair loss could lessen if these medications are ceased.