New Health Care System: Window of Opportunity

Key changes in society can come about through various means. Including changes in such institutions as the Health Care Industry.

Even though most changes in the health care system are promoted from within, that will not necessarily have to be the case. The truth is there are major advantages to new health care system concepts being developed from outside the medical industry. The proposed national medical information system being mentioned in these articles was designed by an specific completely outside the medical professional. This provides more freedom of design, particularly when you prefer to favour the public’s interests over the interests of the medical profession. with no influence of medical industry without your knowledge influencing the design the public’s best interest may well be more easily served, ending up with a more well-balanced system. We may find this to be especially true where new applications using the latest in technology are participating. Elysium

To get example, again take the proposed disease prevention system. As a result of sharp reduction in the level of persistent disease, such a system might have a dramatic brief term financial effect after the health care industry. Conservative estimates are forty percent deduction in disease levels within the first few years of procedure and a high as 70 percent, or more eventually. 

Though there are advantages to such designs by individuals, there are also limits. An individual would likely be unable to support the continual promotion such a system over a substantial length of time–providing a far shorter window of possibility to establish the system before it likely dies out from the picture.

This kind of would be extremely true if the design of the system was presented in the form of a published book not available in book stores. Because a result the publication, the writer and designer could have no choice but from the picture in a short time frame if there is a lack of public interest and support. If this would be to happen, this type of system may well not again be helped bring forth for decades if ever.

Although we are constantly bombarded, with the medical research breakthrough media hoopla, including all the claims of the future that never appear to appear, one thing we must keep evidently in mind is the fact we seldom ever hear about essentially high levels of persistent disease in the Usa States and the substantial amount of suffering it causes with millions of people. Nor will the hype include the additional suffering that also should go on due to the enormous health care costs. These costs that are having a devastating effect on the country, such as government, businesses and individuals. We are able to witness this suffering on a personal basis through our cherished ones, friends and neighborhood friends. Fit, are we ready to have with that? Is that level of disease acceptable?

There is another consideration involved here. Whenever we receive nearly anything of value usually there exists a financial cost we have to consider–cost verses gain. With this technique, however, that too is very strange. Here there are crazy benefits in both directions, both in health care and costs.

Ironically on top of that, with a limited amount of interest, it can certainly be decided that the proposed system does have an extremely sturdy basis for success and fact it would be difficult to observe how it could be lost due to the primary underlying basis of the design.