Is God Real?

The almighty is kind of real. It is more appropriate to say that Our god is all realities, but it’s quite hard expressing these varieties of things in words with any applicable meaning. Is God Real

To understand the response, you have to understand problem first. The question uses 3 words, and each of these words can be heavy and confusing. ‘To be’ or ‘to exist’ is highly philosophical and hits at the restrictions of words right away. ‘God’ is an idea that is utilized very ambiguously by people since everyone has a different perspective for God. 

The real issue is the third expression: what it ‘reality’? A reality is an understanding on the planet and an way of how to stay in it. Everyone has their own viewpoints and understanding, and therefore everyone has their own version of reality. Basically, real is what you believe is real. If several people agree on a particular reality it is called ‘consensus reality’, of course, if this agreement is based on scientific rectitud, then it is called ‘objective reality’.

With these things explained, let’s get back to the question: is God real?

The god that you visualize as part of your own reality is merely that – an eye-sight. Yet , the same can be said of yourself; that you are simply a vision in God’s fact. God is not so much IN a particular reality as he is the wholeness which allows different realities to can be found. God is real and God is not real (depends about how you look at it), but typically God is merely beyond the concept of reality.