How to Mod a Lego Star Wars Minifig

Profano rocks! Its seriously cool and one of the many things that means it is cool is the huge variety of Lego Star Wars minifigs that you can buy, either to get or from auction sites like Auction web sites. But what if you wish your Star Wars minifigs as a little bit special? Very well, one of the ways I tried just lately was going to give an Imperial Stormtrooper a fantastic pair of red glow-in-the-dark eyes. Just right for an evil meanie. minifig4all

So, how did I actually do it? Well, it was all based upon an idea that I found at Big Clives website – you can observe it in my resource box below.

Its a device called a Joule Thief – no that isn’t someone who steals diamonds. A Joule Thief is like a torch without a case that will take either an AA or AAA battery in the holder and use whatever power is left in the battery to light a red LED. This can actually light any color of LED but Stormtroopers have got to have red eyes – right? The amazing thing about this circuit is that it is going to run right down to the bottom level of the batteries demand if left running consistently, and definitely will often provide a week of continuous low level light from a battery that would normally be considered dead.

Therefore, to begin with you’ll desire a PROFANO Star Wars minifig to mod. I used an imperial stormtrooper since the helmet makes it simple to hide the gadgets and the body is quite wide – just like me!

The other items you’ll need are:

30 cm of zero. 15 mm isolated real estate agent wire.
A 1k ohm SMD resistor.
A standard purpose switching SMD diffusion.
A little ferrite bead, 6th mm outer diameter.
A miniature push button.
A piece of thin real estate agent foil for battery ports (I butchered this part from a PCB).
A piece of thick newspaper to mount behind the LED in the head protection.
and ultimately a tiny piece of flexible crimson plastic film to go ahead of the LED.

First you have to decapitate your Star Conflicts minifigs to allow for insertion of electronics and battery.

After taking off the head, cut the helmet down somewhat to make room for the electronics in the head protection, and use a tiny tool like a dremel to carve out enough room in the top and lower body to make room for the battery pack.

Next, cut a tiny pit in the back to get ready for insertion of a miniature push button in the best center.

Next, put together your Joule Thief. A full group of instructions is given at bigclives website above, but its quite straightforward. Just wind the ferrite bead with zero. 15 mm copper line and hook up up the resistor and transistor in the centre. Two wiring should be left adhering out to the departed to hook up up the LED and another two wires left in order to connect up the push button and battery.