Finding Your MAC Address On Wired And Wireless Network Cards

The response To The Press Access Control Question

Above the past few several weeks I’ve received quite a few e-mails about Ethernet, cards, both wired and wireless, and more specifically, about Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. I think the key reason I’ve received so many questions about Ethernet cards and APPLE PC addresses is people attempting to secure their home wireless networks and the desire to use APPLE PC address filtering. This type of filtering in cellular networks can be constructed to allow or reject specific computers to use or attach to the wireless network, based on the MAC address. login

My own first thought was heading to write an article just about MAC tackles and wireless Ethernet. Following thinking about it My spouse and i decided to expand on this and check out some specific information about Ethernet, cards and communication.

Distinct Ways Of Finding The MAC Address And Even more

There are several techniques for finding your Ethernet and communications protocol information. Various Ethernet card manufacturer’s have proprietary software that can reveal this information nevertheless they work differently with regards to the maker. So we will use the Windows 2000 and XP “ipconfig” utility since this is available in virtually all Windows Operating Devices.

First, go to “start” -> “run” and type “cmd” without the quotes. Then hit the enter key. With the control line type “ipconfig /all”, again without the quotations. Actually, just typing ipconfig without the /all will work but actually will only provide you with abbreviated information regarding your network cards. Among the what you might see by typing the “ipconfig /all” command is below with each item commented in green lettering:

Fault Understanding And Highly Availability Personal computers

There are several ways of finding your Ethernet, and communications protocol information. Many Ethernet card manufacturer’s have proprietary software that can reveal these details nonetheless they work differently with regards to the company. So we uses the Windows 2000 and VISTA “ipconfig” utility due to the fact that this is available in the majority of Windows Devices.