A Property Managers Guide to Roof Cleaning

In the event that you are in the property management field for more than a few years the odds are pretty good that you have dealt with roof top cleaning issues. Roof cleaning can be very costly, cleaning up following the roof structure cleaners can even be too costly. Fixing the damage that roof structure cleaners create never gets figured into the preliminary estimate because you are not expecting damage but it happens more often than not but once you are aware of the potential destruction ahead of time you can prevent it from occurring, restricting the cost and head aches that is certainly what property management is centered on. roof cleaning Geelong

Presently there are many fungi that can settle on a roof that are both destructive to the top and repulsive to look at. Moss, lichen, dark-colored algae (black mold), oriental mold/algae from the large of matter and removing has become a need. Roofs should be cleaned for a variety of reasons; to prevent destruction and early replacement, to control increased energy costs also to correct the devaluing of the property. 

Asphalt shingle, cedar shake and flooring roofs are the in most cases damaged roofs, each is damaged differently.

Asphalt attics are destroyed more swiftly than the others, infection can grow under shingles lifting them until they crack and fall off. The fungus tendrils or “roots” also dig through the reflective granules triggering them to dislodge and fall off, this action brings about the thinning of shingles taking years off the expected life of the shingle as they then curl and glass.

Cedar roofs need to remain dry to previous, when a cedar roof top is covered with fungi, the fungus traps wetness in the wood which causes rotting, which encourages wood feeding insects and that rapidly deteriorates the integrity of the real wood.

Tile roofs are most commonly found in the south and although fungus infection can’t destroy tile like it does asphalt or wood, tiles are ruined by having the weight roof cleaners jogging the roof, tile are vulnerable especially after baking under the sun for years, the destruction isn’t apparent at first but as the breaks wash out with rain fall they will become dislodged and fall off.

Different than destructive damage the fungus can cause, the home owner can expect a rise in energy bills. Fungus is generally black color and dark colors absorb sunlight which increases the heat in attics, crawl spaces and second or top flooring triggering the air air con to work overtime to cool those spaces, leading to higher than normal energy bills.

To top it off the most of the roof cleaning products on the market require plant life, bushes and any plants about the home to be either covered or be constantly wet down because the toxicity in the cleaning solution will destroy them and as careful as the top cleansing agents may be you will encounteer casualties within the foliage.

With the above mentioned negative effects of roof fungi the worst to a property manager is the fact that a home or dwelling with an infected roof is an “eye-sore”, it makes a pretty house look unsightly, it makes a high priced development look run down or unmaintained, it not only decreases the value of the infected home but the value of the neighbors home as well, these homes are cured like lepers and as more homes catch the infection a leper species is formed.

It’s at this point the property management team usually steps in and demand sees are sent out requiring that the roofs be cleaned. Now you have irritated home owners being forced to spend money, potentially damage their home and a host of problems on the distance.

Two solutions come to mind; the first is if you need to have a roofing cleaned then specify that the top cleaners use a solution that don’t harm the foliage or alter the look of the home and the second solution is called “preventative maintenance” by this I mean coating the roofs periodically with a solution that will not allow fungus to experienced, no cleaning is necessary and the following down pours wash off the fungi that was removed. Correct roof maintenance is by far the most cost effective way to keep the roofs clean. Payments can be budgeted for periodic roof treatments rather than shocking a hoa with a massive budget circumventing roof cleaning estimate. Protection spraying can be done from the gutters border, this way avoiding staff need to be walking the roofs. Proper maintenance schedule will mean roofing never getting dirty again, never degrading the appearance of the community.